Grand celebrations had been held in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia to mark the occasion of the 52nd Independence Day of the Maldives. The event held at the ballroom of J.W Marriott was honoured by the Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation of Malaysia Yb. Datuk Wira Dr. Abu Bakar bin Mohamad Diah. The ceremony began with a prayer from the Chief Guest and the Ambassador of the Maldives to Malaysia.

Even though the past two years’ events were held only for the Maldivians living in Malaysia, this year the Embassy of the Maldives in Malaysia invited the diplomatic community, senior officials from various departments of the Malaysian government and Business community, in addition to the Maldivians living in Malaysia and held the event on a much grander scale than before. Thus, the current event was held under the slogan “Promoting tastes and colours of the Maldives”. Two yellow fin tuna received with compliments from Enzy was imported from the Maldives and kept on display at the ballroom to be seen by the foreign dignitaries in order to add grandeur to the event. The availability of barbecued fresh fish and having a Maldivian food corner at the event became a thing that received a lot of support from the attendees. Furthermore, two holiday packages received from two Maldivian resorts, Furaveri Island Resort and Spa and Veligandu Island Resort and Spa, with the help of Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation was awarded to two foreign dignitaries who won a lucky draw organized at the event.  A lucky draw was taken among the Maldivian attendees and the three Maldivians who won the draw was awarded with return tickets to to Male’ which was presented by Air Asia. Additionally, Three return tickets to Malaysia-Male’ presented by Air Asia was also awarded to three winners of the lucky draw among the Maldivian attendees. The event been held on such a grand scale shows the close relationship between the government of the Maldives and Malaysia. Moreover, it shows the economic advancements achieved in the last four years under His Excellency President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom’s Government.

The amazing performances by Ahmed Faseeh, Axam Maumoon, Mohamed Andhu Hussain and Habeys Boduberu Group provided additional grandeur to the event. The event also included two cultural dances performed by the students of MAAZ International School of Malaysia. The event which significantly showcased the tastes and colours of the Maldives received enormous support from the Maldivian community living in Malaysia.