Commercial Services

Enhancing trade and investment between the Maldives and Malaysia is one of the most important means through which people to people contact between the two countries can be further strengthened. The High Commission aims to assist in the further enhancement of this area by providing the following services.

Image building activities aimed at improving the image of Maldives within the business community in Malaysia as a favourable investment and trade destination

  • Facilitating general investment missions from Maldives to Malaysia and vice versa
  • Conducting general information seminars / presentations on investment opportunities
  • Compiling and disseminating information to exporters and importers from both the countries on potential for enhancing trade

Investment generating activities aimed at generating investments directly

  • Conducting industry/sector specific information seminars/presentations to interested Malaysian parties
  • Engaging in direct mail and telemarketing campaigns aimed at specific industries/sectors
  • Engaging in firm/company specific research followed by ‘sales’ presentations
  • Facilitating the participation of interested parties from both the countries in industry/sector specific investment missions

Investment service activities

  • Providing investment and trade counseling services
  • Act as a focal point between Maldivian government and commercial organizations and their Malaysian counterparts to liaise economic and commercial projects
  • Providing information on legislative and regulatory measures governing trade, commerce and investments in the Maldives and Malaysia to interested parties

Business Registration

Maldives and Malaysian businesses can register at the High Commission to receive information about commercial opportunities in both countries.