Consular Services

Consular Services for Maldivians.

We provide a range of consular services to Maldivians in Malaysia.

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“Consular” is the word used to describe the services that a country provides for its citizens abroad. The High Commission provides various consular services to Maldivian citizens in Malaysia. The consular functions of diplomatic missions are governed by international agreements. Thus, there are some limitations to what the High Commission can do as a foreign diplomatic mission.

Here are areas where we can help you

  • Provide information, advice and consular assistance
  • Arrange travel documents in case your passport is lost, stolen or damaged
  • Assist in renewing passports and similar official documents
  • Arrange travel documents for Maldivians born in Malaysia
  • Contact your relatives or friends to request them to send you emergency funds for your repatriation or other necessary emergency expenses
  • Notify your next-of-kin in the event that you are injured
  • Notify your next-of-kin in the event of your arrest or detention
  • Visit a Maldivian citizen who has been arrested or imprisoned, and monitor that due process under the judicial system of Malaysia is accorded to him or her
  • Help to obtain a list of officially registered local lawyers and translation services where this is available
  • Assist in the burial of deceased Maldivians in Malaysia
  • Assist the repatriation of the remains of a deceased Maldivian in Malaysia to Maldives
  • Assist in the arrangements for the return of personal belongings of a deceased Maldivian
  • Help you during emergencies such as natural disasters or civil disorder
  • Certification of documents as a Notary Public (Authentication and Notarization Services)

These are some examples of limitations to our services

  • Pay your bills such as medical, hospital, legal, accommodation, travel or other bills
  • Provide loans or cash your cheques
  • Pay fines or post bail on your behalf
  • Intervene in the local judicial process on your behalf
  • Provide legal advice or initiate court proceedings on your behalf
  • Act as your sponsor or guarantor
  • Arrange for your accommodation or for work
  • Attempt on your behalf to interfere or influence Malaysian Government immigration policies and procedures

Information about specific consular services such as passport services, notarization and authentication services can be obtained the relevant section on the left menu. Where relevant, the application forms would also contain service procedures and standards.

If you are unsure about a service please obtain information by contacting us. This helps avoid service delays, as we would be able to explain whether you would need to visit the High Commission and alert you to any documents that you may need to bring if you do have to visit.