As part of its consular services, we provide passport and travel document services with the cooperation of the Maldives Department of Immigration and Emigration.

Passports must be safeguarded with utmost care. Being an important official document, passports should not be allowed to pass into the possession of any unauthorised person.

To apply for a passport you will need to fill the Department of Immigration and Emigration Form IM01 and Passport Request Form of The High Commission.

To apply for a travel letter for Maldivians born in Malaysia, download and submit the application

form with the items specified.

Copies of Important Documents: Leave copies of important documents such as your itinerary, your passport and your visa at home or with your family

Maldives Department of Immigration and Emigration: Find out more about passport issues from the Immigration Department website

Passport and Travel Documents FAQs:

1. Click here for list of FAQs.