Avoid visa violation

Please ensure that you do not overstay or breach the terms of your visa during your stay in Malaysia. No matter the type of visa you hold, overstay or breach of visa terms may lead to heavy fines, refusal of further entry or even imprisonment.


In order to avoid unnecessary trouble at police checkpoints or getting detained during raids by law enforcement authorities, it is essential to be heedful of the following points:


  • Do obtain a document or a letter stating the status of your passport if the passport is in the possession of any institute or authority such as school, college, university, High Commission or Immigration.
  • Be aware of the expiration of your passport and visa, and take necessary action before the expiry.
  • When entering Malaysia, verify to ensure the entry stamp/chop has been placed on the passport and take notice of the number of days allowed for the stay.
  • Before leaving Malaysia upon completion of your studies, it is essential to shorten (cancel) your existing visa through the educational institute.



For any further queries, please contact +60126557895 (HC Hotline), or email to consular@maldives.org.my