In marriage matters, the High Commission?s main function is to provide information and consular assistance to a Maldivian who contracts a marriage with another Maldivian, or a Maldives national who contracts a marriage with a foreign national while in Malaysia.

As the Ministry of Justice requires Maldivians who contracts marriage outside the country to register their marriage within 2 months of the date of marriage, if a representative office is present in the country of marriage, Maldivians who contract a marriage in Malaysia are encouraged to register their marriages within the stipulated time.

There are specific guidelines for marriages to be registered in the Maldives. Please email or call the High Commission or visit Ministry of Justice website ( for more details.

Cases of divorce have to be filed in the Family Court of the Maldives Ministry of Justice. The High Commission?s role is to ensure that the Family Courts decisions are relayed in time and accurately to the concerned parties.

Please email or call the High Commission if you have an queries.